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to the official WEB site of the Narrow-bandwidth Television Association devoted to all aspects of early television. Members' interests include:

- Historical interest in the origins of early television.

- Restoration of original equipment.

- Construction of replica mechanical television apparatus

- Conventional electronic circuit design and construction

- Personal Computers and software associated with the display and production of low definition television.

Regards, Chris Lewis, NBTVA Webmaster.

The Association

PRESIDENT: Malcolm Baird


Chairman & publicity: Jeremy JAGO,
1 Lucknow Ave, Mapperley Park, NOTTINGHAM, NG3 5AZ

Treasurer & membership admin: David GENTLE,
1 Sunny Hill, MILFORD, Derbyshire, DE56 0QR

Webmaster: Chris LEWIS,
2 Crosswood Close, LOUGHBOROUGH, Leicestershire, LE11 4BP

NBTV on the air

There is an NBTV Net in operation on the 80m Amateur band. Listen on Saturday mornings from 7:30 British Summer/Winter Time on 3.700 - 3.707 MHz for
the characteristic NBTV sound.


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