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The sound of NBTV

NBTV video signals of the club standard can be conveyed within a frequency range of 2Hz ro 10kHz. They are thus perfectly recordable onto Compact Disk.

This page gives you the opportunity to listen at the remarkable sound of the NBTV video signals as recorded on the club CD's.


For the 12 seconds demonstration these four pictures are selected:

Four NBTV testpictures

Shot list:
1. Video black
2. Fade over to first picture
3. Test chart with large NBTV
4. Grey test chart with circle
5. NBTV + disc logo
6. BBC eye caption
7. Fade over to black
8. Video black
1 sec.
1 sec.
2 sec.
2 sec.
2 sec.
2 sec.
1 sec.
1 sec.
0 - 1 sec.
1 - 2 sec.
2 - 4 sec.
4 - 6 sec.
6 - 8 sec.
8 - 10 sec.
10 - 11 sec.
11 - 12 sec.
Play button Click on this button and listen at the sound.
For reasons of compactness and download speed the play back version of the original waveform was encoded in MP3. This is sufficient to listen at, but not good enough to use as a video signal for an NBTV monitor. For that purpose the much larger original wave-file (.wav) is needed. Then a perfect video signal is reproduced, as can be seen on the oscilloscope screen below.

Waveform of test video
Six vertical video lines of the grey test chart with circle (the Grant Dixon test pattern)
Download button Click on this button to download the (zipped)
original 12 sec. wave-file.
Save the file to disk and unzip it later into the original Wave file.
Then using a "Wave Editor" you might copy and multiple paste the whole file to make a repetitive file of much longer duration.

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