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Web Resources for NBTV

The most obvious place to go first of all is into a good search engine, e.g. http://www.google.com and put in some key words such as 'NBTV' 'mechanical television' or 'Baird' which will then reveal many sites with information. A recent search on 'John Logie Baird revealed nearly eleven thousand 'hits', however many can be discounted as they refer to the John Logie Baird award scheme. Readers interested in the development and historical side of the hobby may decide to use 'Baird' in the search engine. Several good books have been published recently on the subject.

Searching the BATC (British Amateur Television Club) site provides many interesting related sites (including a link to our own site) along with links to amateur radio enthusiasts featuring NBTV material on their own home pages. Several of these containing animated GIF files of NBTV material. A fair amount of NBTV activity can be found on the Dutch Amateur radio sites as well as the USA, including Peter Yanczer's. If you are reading the NBTVA web site you may also see pictures of our Annual Convention.

All about Television
History of Television
Television, the first 75 years. Interesting site, lots of photographs and facts about the early development of television.

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