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Three photographs and two drawings of Klaas Robers' 10 watt, 29 MHz all tube NBTV transmitter as published in NBTV Newsletter Vol.29 No.2.

10m electron tube transmitter front view

Front view and controls of the 10W (peak sync) tube transmitter.
Click on the photo for a better view.

10m electron tube transmitter bottom view

Bottom view inside the chassis. See that two small neon lamps are mounted that light up when dangerous voltages (230 volt AC and/or 400 volt DC) are present under the chassis.
For reasons of recognisability this photograph is mirrored.
Click on the photo for a better view.

Drawing top view
Top view of the transmitter assembly.

Two power-type electron tubes

EL83 final transmitter tube . . . . EL84 video modulator tube
and behind them the output pi-filter for 29 MHz.
Observe the neutralisation capacitor (wire) left of the EL83.

Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram of the 29 MHz all tube NBTV transmitter.
Click on the diagram for a larger and sharper view.

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