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EPROM based NBTV Signal Generator

Printed Circuit Board which simplifies building an electronic NBTV video signal generator based on pictures stored in an EPROM. Up to 32 different pictures can be stored in a single 27C512. The club can help you to program an EPROM with a set of attractive pictures.

View on PCB

The assembled Printed Circuit Board. All components are standard components and easily to obtain. The EPROM is placed in a socket.

Electronic diagram

Electronic circuit diagram. The masterclock is crystal controlled. This circuit is designed for the 32-line clubstandard. With small changes it can also be used for the 30-line Baird standard. EPROM's of four sizes can be inserted.

Front view of a prototype

Video signal generator in its own cabinet. The EPROM socket is extended to a ZIF-socket on the front to enable easy exchange of EPROM's. Picture selection is done on the thumbwheel switches.

Downloadable: description of the assembly in pdf-format

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