Narrow-bandwidth Television Association


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Chapter 2

Club activities

The NBTV Newsletter
Club members receive the quarterly Newsletter. This 12-page A4 magazine contains a variety of articles that cover all aspects of NBTV, including technical, historical and news items. These are illustrated with colour photos and include the results of member's constructional work.
The NBTVA Web Site
The NBTVA's own web site can be found at and is the obvious place to commence a search for information on NBTV. The club site has links to a number of other interesting NBTV related sites that can be found on the web. A forum for the discussion of NBTV related subjects can be found at Searching the BATC (British Amateur Television Club) site at provides many interesting related sites, including a mirror of our own site, along with links to enthusiasts world wide who feature NBTV material on their own home pages. Don McLean's site is of particular interest as he describes the restoration of some original 'video recordings' discovered relatively recently.
The Club Sales
One of the members of the club manages a stock of components that are of special interest to the NBTV hobbyist. These include pre-drilled Nipkow discs and other electronic, mechanical and optical components that can be difficult to obtain elsewhere. A list of available items is given in the Newsletter.
The Annual Convention
This annual gathering is normally held in April in Loughborough in the UK. This presents an opportunity to exchange ideas with other members, as well as seeing NBTV equipment demonstrated. Technical help is on hand for everyone from our experienced members. The afternoon is always rounded off with the Annual General meeting.
The day's events have occasionally been recorded on video and released as a Club CD in 30/32-line format.
Local meetings
Several local groups of NBTVA members organise their local meetings later on in the year. Dates and locations can be found in the Newsletter.
The 80 metre net
Radio amateurs in the UK and surrounding countries have their weekly net on the 80 metre amateur band. The schedule is given in the Newsletter and on the web.

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