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Triple Waveform Generator

Printed Circuit Board and stylish instrument case simplifies building a small electronic circuit that generates three (or five) useful NBTV video test signals.

Printed Circuit Board

The assembled printed circuit board. All components are standard and easily obtained from local suppliers.

Frontview of the small version

Triple Waveform Generator built in a small enclosure, suitable for one preset standard.

Internal view of the small version

Internal view. The output voltage and line frequency are set using the two preset potentiometers. When fully enclosed this generator is suitable for either 375 or 400 Hz line frequency operation.

Frontview of the larger version

Universal version built in a larger cabinet with two extra waveforms.

Internal view of the larger version

Internal view. Output voltage, line frequency and missing syncpulse are adjustable from the front panel. A wafer type switch selects each of five waveforms.

Downloadable: A5 description in pdf-format.

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