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All of the projects contained in this book can be built with the minimum number of small hand tools in a kitchen type workshop. Care should be taken when using these items especially tools with sharp cutting edges.

Some projects contain spinning discs which should be shrouded where possible to avoid contact with humans or pets whilst turning.

Many of the latest LED's come with warnings with regard to eye damage. It is therefore important to ensure that a suitable diffuser is placed in front of these when viewing.

Our main concern is with mains supply voltages. Most of the projects may be run off a fully encapsulated mains adapter such as those often supplied with low power battery/mains consumer electronic equipment. These provide a safe low voltage supply at low cost. However, the voltage and current rating should be checked for compatibility with the intended load. Should you choose to use mains transformers included in your own 'home brew' power sup-plies ensure all exposed mains wiring is insulated and good safe wiring techniques are observed. All mains supplies should be fused accordingly. If you do not feel confident using mains voltages then use batteries or purchase commercially available units.