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Letter of our new president Malcolm Baird

Greetings to All in the NBTVA.

Firstly, may I thank you for the honour of becoming President of the Narrow Bandwidth Television Association. Although separated by 3,000 miles from the main centre of activities, I will do what I can to contribute.

The NBTVA is a private non-profit organization which has a social and educational value out of all proportion to its limited resources. Through your work you add an important element of reality to the history of television. Working models of the early equipment are the most effective counter-argument for the armchair debunkers who just sit back and say that mechanical television was no good. Working models are also useful in museums which are increasingly moving from old-style static exhibits towards living exhibits ... models that move!

Some of you are teachers or retired teachers and you know that mechanical television apparatus can be built and made to work in a school project. Mechanical television brings together not only mechanics but also optics, electronics and workshop skills. The pupils may struggle at times and the project will have its ups and downs; that is part of research and part of education, too. Finally they can have the thrill of seeing a moving image from something that they themselves have built. That recaptures my father's thrill in October 1925, when he saw the first television picture in the world.

May I wish you all success in your Annual Conference.

Malcolm Baird
April 18 2004

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