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NBTV Convention 2006 April 22th Loughborough

Pictures by Kevin Hadfield

Jeremy Jago

Just as in previous years Jeremy showed us quite some new and ingenious projects. Click on the double photo below to view them and get explanation.

Denis Asseman

As always Denis brought a lot of items with him from Belgium.
Click on the photo below to view them.

Jon Weller

Daily Express kit as built by Jon Weller

Vintage Nipkov disc on his stand in the cafe.

Eddie Greenhough

Monitor constructed by Eddy Greenhough

and opened to see the inner life.

Side view of Eddy's monitor, where the LED cluster and
the floppy disc drive motor become visible.

Peter Smith

As usual Peter Smith showed us again a lot of things.
Click on the double photo to see them in more detail.

Chris Lewis and Graham Lewis

Chris showed his NBTV to VGA converter

Grahams exposition left to that of Chris.

Graham (middle) helping Chris (right) with problem on the NBTV to VGA converter. At the left sitting Ron Rowe.

Edward Nowill

Making film recordings from NBTV requires a precise synchronisation between the film camera and the NBTV display.

Vic Brown

Colour NBTV (left) and black and white NBTV (right) from the same CD:
the new Compatible Colour NBTV system.

NBTV in colour, orange or black and white,
displayed from the same CD. Which one do you like best?

Steve Ostler

Steve arranged again his own "studio". Here we see his two colour Nipkow camera.

Steve Ostler

Steve Ostler

Dave Gentle

Dave had two magnifiscent demonstrations.
Click on the double photo below to view them.

At the end of the Conventions exhibition there is always a general meeting.

Here we see Dave Gentle presenting the Clubs financial report.
Doug Pitt is looking that Dave is doing well.

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