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NBTV Convention 2005 April 16th Loughborough

Despite a poor start the weather held out for a pleasant day at this years' convention. It was particularly well attended especially with members coming from as far away as Holland, Belgium and Germany. An impressive collection of exhibits were to be found including many colour NBTV displays.

The entrance

After climbing the steps through the entrance and walking down the corridor...

The cafe Door to colour studio Door to exposition room Reading woman

we arrived in the cafe at the Convention venue.
Click on the doors to enter the rooms behind them
or stay here for a while to look around.

To our left we see Denis Asseman exhibiting a collection of fine replica equipment that he has made during past year.

Baird Televisors by Denis

Denis here shows a Baird Televisor chassis, the Baird television receiver and a Televisor in a tin plate cabinet. The general impression is that these are finer than the original units produced by the Baird Company in the 1930's.

Jeremies mirrordrum

Left of Denis' exhibition we see a display by Jeremy Jago. The slim box that looks like a camera is in reality a spot sensor, which looks against the mirror drum and thus televises the surrounding.

Doug cutting the cake At the end of the day there is a meeting held here in the cafe.

Just before the meeting started a fancy cake was brought in to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the club.

Of course Doug Pitt got the task to cut the cake and all present members got a piece to eat.

This was a good start of the meeting, which passed without any serious problems.

Reviews were given of the activities of the club and the normal reporting was done by the treasurer.
Then everything was moved out and placed back in our cars.

Steve Ostlers car

Some more discussions, greetings and then: this was the Convention 2005.

Reported by Klaas Robers,
pictures by Chris Lewis, Denis Asseman, Lex Raben and Klaas Robers.

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