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A short tour over the 2003 Convention

Klaas Robers (the Netherlands) used his Nipkow disc monitor (hey, look this one, how razor sharp) to demonstrate his EPROM NBTV generator (on the table, left) and a five- and three-waveform generator (on top of the monitor). Right of the table Pete Smith in discussion with Denis Asseman.

On the same table more to the wall the ingenious mirror-drum flying spot scanner made by David Gentle and here admired by Ed Nowill.

Turn to the right. Denis Asseman (Belgium) made these fine replicae of the Baird televisor and Baird television receiver. Behind this Jeremy Jago explaining about his mirror drum scanner.

Close up of the magnificent Baird Televisor replica, for 100% brand new.

Jeremy's mirror drum scanner and other NBTV reproduction equipment.

Then slightly more to the right we see Eddie Greenhoughs camera-monitor pointing to an NBTV testchart brightly illuminated by a table lamp standing on two cardboard boxes.

On the same table Eddie showed this small aperture drum monitor.

This Nipkow type monitor (Bryan Oliver) under construction uses an aluminium disc and an old slide viewer as a magnification lens.

A view on the top shows the disc bearing, the driving motor and the electronics. In the portable CD-player one of the NBTV CD's is running.

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