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Jeremy Jago

Just as in previous years Jeremy showed us quite some new and ingenious projects. This first one is a normal oscilloscope used as an NBTV monitor.

Normally an oscilloscope is needed that features a beam current input. This also called Z-modulation input acts different on different oscilloscopes. Jeremy cleverly found a way around. Lets read what he writes himself:

And then this is the result on the oscilloscope screen:

Two pictures, one in positive, the other in negative.
Both are each others complement.
The negative picture is more or less the waste of the positive picture.

A mirror drum, screwed tightly to the table.

Jeremy showed us NBTV coming from a grammophone recording.

A CRT-monitor is connected to this grammophone player. Because of the flash light nothing can be seen on the picture tube, but the next photo shows us something of it.

Movie of this demonstration!! (8 MB)

Click using the "other" mouse button and chose "Save Target As" in the drop down menu. Downloading takes quite some time. Then go to the saved version on your computer and run it by double clicking.

This photograph shows more of the obtained picture quality.

Pictures taken by Kevin Hadfield

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