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Vic Brown's Colour NBTV set up

Colour NBTV demonstration

From left to right we see the NBTV scanconverter and the LED driver electronics. Then the colour monitor placed on a plastic crate for a convenient viewing height.
Then at the right we see Vic's camcorder looking at ......?
Well, let's have a closer look over there.

Capture card

Ah, this is where the camera is looking at: the BBC colour test card with girl and clown.
Come, let's have a look into the monitor's viewing tunnel.

Now we can see that although it is no more than 32 lines, the colours contribute really to the fun of viewing NBTV.

Vic managed to get good rendering of colours. Even skin colours are quite convincing.

This was also shown one year ago but this year more members showed this type of colour NBTV at the Convention. However Vic's demonstration was very convincing.
Picture of monitor

Doug Pitt

Now here at the edge of Vic's table we find Doug Pitt. Doug always writes a short report of the Convention for the Newsletter. Of course he is making notes in order not to forget important details. Vic Brown is telling him about his demonstration.

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