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Steve Ostler's NBTV Convention 2005, colour studio

Colour camera

Directly behind this door we see Steve Ostler's colour NBTV camera. This large Nipkow disc camera works in the 30 line Baird standard. To make things not too complicated only two colours are sensed, reddisch and blue. This is the back side of the camera.

Camera front side

Here we see the front side of the camera. Two halogen lamps iluminate the scene before the taking lens. We see here Jacky Asseman, wife of Denis, who is televised at this moment. Brightly coloured capture cards are laying ready for the case no life subjects are available.

Colour monitor
Mickey Mouse
This is Steve Ostler's large colour monitor. Behind the Nipkow disc are three clusters of LED's, red, green and blue. The three steering signals are matrixed from the two colour signals from the camera. As you can see the monitor and the camera both use left handed optics.

This Mickey Mouse is commonly used to adjust the colour rendering of the two colour TV camera.

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