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Exposition of Peter Scheulderman

Shortly before the 2005 Convention our Dutch member Peter Scheulderman died unexpectedly. The plan was already made that he would visit the Convention and travel together with Klaas Robers, Lex Raben and Frits Grabant. They came without their friend Peter.

Mirror drum almost finished

The last project Peter took in his hands was this magnificent mirror drum. The mirrors already have been adjusted, quite some electronics is built, but nobody knows anymore what should have been connected to what.

At our right on the table we see a 5-waveform generator built by Peter and in the front two photographs of him, left in his "laboratory" and right demonstrating his equipment at last years Benelux NBTV Convention.
Peter's disc monitor This enclosed Nipkow disc monitor characterises the perfection that Peter tried to reach.

Not only technically perfect, but also a perfection in design.

The metal drum at the background contains the power supplies needed to the monitor.

Who has ever thought of building this in a cylindrical shape?

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