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Replica of PAKT NBTV receiver

Frits Grabant visiting the Convention from the Netherlands, brought this replica under construction of the 80m TV receiver designed by the late Freek Kerkhof, PAKT.


In 1936 Freek Kerkhof, as a young man working at Philips Research Labs wrote a booklet (on the table left) about how to build your own TV receiving station. Numerous Baird televisors were available in the Netherlands after the BBC stopped their TV broadcasts. Freek continued these broadcasts on the 80 metres amateur band until 1939.

In order to get some viewers he published a description on the building of an 80 metres receiver, especially designed for the reception of (NB)TV signals. These books can still be found in the Netherlands, however not a single receiver is known. It looks as if they were all confiscated in World War II.

Frits Grabant, living in Abcoude, just South of Amsterdam, started to build this receiver recently, using as much as possible original vintage parts and materials. The building plan on the table is the original plan on scale 1:1 from the book. Still some parts are missing. The flamboyant logo at the front is really part of the original PAKT design.

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