Narrow-bandwidth Television Association


Direct use of the .wav files

After you have downloaded and unzipped the files from the web, you may use them directly from your computer:

  1. Connect your NBTV televisor monitor to the left channel (tip) of the sound output connector of your computer.
  2. Connect the loudspeakers only to the right channel (ring) output.
  3. Select one of the MUTR.wav files on your computer screen
  4. and play it in your favorite music player.
  5. If the file MUTR01.wav brings your NBT televisor monitor to life, limit yourself to the files MUTR 01 to MUTR 17.
  6. If you see only scraps of negative images and your televisor refuses to synchronise, try MUTR21 to MUTR 37.

An MP-3 player

Upload (some of) the files to your MP-3 player and try if it can play them. If it does, connect your NBTV televisor monitor to the earphone output in the same way as to the computer. Do the same experiments as described above.

Once you know the polarity of the output of your MP-3 player, there is no need any more to store the files of "the other polarity" as well.

One continuous uninterrupte file

In both situations it is very likely that, due to shorter or longer interruptions of the video signal, you experience loss of synchronisation of your televisor monitor when it proceeds from one file to a next one. This is an inhaerent problem of reading file by file.

If you want to play the whole sequence of files without any interruption, you may record a CD Digital Audio disc.

You also may concatenate (glue) the files by using a wave editing program, e.g. Goldwave or Audacity. Then make one file in upright video from the files MUTR00.wav to MUTR20a.wav, and/or one file in inverted video from the files MUTR20a.wav to MUTR40.wav.