Narrow-bandwidth Television Association


Upright and Inverted polarity

At the start of the development of CD a fixed polarity of the audio output signals was foreseen. Some audiophiles state that they can hear the difference. However, current practice is that you will find players that output either one of both polarities. This is specific for the CD-player that you use.

For video signals polarity is crucial. White is the most positive voltage, the synchronisation pulses are the most negative voltages. Video signals in the wrong polarity will display as negatives. Also the synchronisation will not stabilise.

The MUTR video files are available in "Upright" polarity, as well as "Inverted" polarity. So an NBTV televisor monitor will display and synchronise either the upright tracks (MUTR01 to MUTR17), or the inverse tracks (MUTR21 to MUTR37).

When the video gain is adjusted correctly no sync instability of the MUTR televisor will occur while playing the matching sequence of tracks.