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Record your CD-DA disc on CD-R

After you have downloaded and unzipped the files from the web, proceed in the following way to record a CD-DA disc:

  1. Start up your CD "burning" program (e.g. Nero)
  2. Select to record a CD Digital Audio disc.
  3. Make a recording list with the files MUTR00.wav to MUTR40.wav in an alphabetic-numerical order. Indeed, there are no files MUTR18.wav, MUTR19.wav, MUTR38.wav and MUTR39.wav.
  4. Check that there are 37 files selected.
  5. Select not to record the normal 2 seconds pause in between the tracks.
  6. Check or select to write (burn) the disc in the mode Disc At Once.
  7. Check that the total playing duration is 52:54 or 52:56.
  8. Start the recording (burning) process. The program will record the lead-in, the 37 tracks and the lead-out in one uninterrupted run. Actions like "finalisation" or "closing" of the disc are not needed, the disc is already closed.

Writing in Disc At Once

Writing in the mode Disc At Once is important because when the writing process of a CD-DA or CD-ROM is interrupted and resumed, an unavoidabele corruption of the information stream will occur. This happens when you write in the mode Track At Once, which also can be called Track By Track.

This corruption will cause a temporary mute of the audio. The "seem" is placed in the middel of the intertrack pause of 2 seconds. The audio listener won't hear a mute in the silence of the pause, but the NBTV video signal should never stop.

In the writing mode Disc At Once there are no interruptions in the writing process.

Checking the written disc

After writing your disc you might check the total playing time in a CD player. After reading the lead in of the disc, the display should show: 37. 52:54 or 37. 52:56. Some CD-players include the unavoidable mandatory 2 seconds pause at the start of the first track of the disc. Others don't. That's the difference.

However, when the disc has been written in the mode Track At Once, or the 2 seconds pause between the tracks has not been switched off, the total playing time was extended by 36 x 2 seconds. A disc that shows a total playing time of 54:06 or 54:08 will always interrupt the video signal for 2 seconds when proceeding from one track to the next one.

Track numbers of the CD

A compact disc has a numbering of the tracks, which is rather rigid. While recording the disc the file names are replaced by track numbers. Click here to see the translation from file names into tracknumbers.

Writing customised discs

Once you know the output polarity of your CD-player, you may decide to write other specialised discs to meet your own needs, e.g.:

If your player-televisor combination runs best on upright video:
MUTR00; MUTR01 to MUTR17; MUTR01 to MUTR17; MUTR01 to MUTR17.

Or if your player-televisor combination runs best on inverted video:
MUTR20; MUTR21 to MUTR37; MUTR21 to MUTR37; MUTR21 to MUTR37.

This provides you with a disc of 52 tracks, playing duration of 79 minutes, which runs three times the whole show, without loss of sync. Then, if you put the player on "repeat", runs it over and over again. Only at the jump back to the beginning of the disc the televisor will loose (and hopefully regains) synchronisation. Marvellous for demonstrations and fairs.

If you don't like certain tracks, simply leave them out of your compilation. In this way you can customise this disc completely.