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CD Digital Audio versus CD-ROM

The CD-DA disc is a normal audio disc that can be played in a CD-player or a DVD-player. If you have made the CD-DA, this disc is a special one, because the 37 tracks are recorded in one continuous run, without any pause or interruption between them. The NBTV video signal and its synchronisation continues without any interruption or hick-up from track to track. You can easily check this by listening to the left (video) channel and run the disc from the beginning onwards. When the track number (display) increases, the sync signal continues seemlessly.

A CD-ROM is a computer data disc. In principle it is only playable in a computer with a CD-ROM drive. However, the more recent CD- and DVD-players are capable to play .wav files on a CD-ROM as well. But it is imposible to ensure that the NBTV sync signal continues without any interruption when proceeding from .wav file to .wav file.

This type of use was never foreseen, and also not needed, in the design of the player. So you will experience an unavoidable pause (silence) of an undefined length. Then the NTBV televisor monitor will have lost its stable synchronisation.