Narrow-bandwidth Television Association


The MUTR NBTV compact disc

MUTR televisor kit

The Televisor Kit of the Middlesex University Teaching Resources (MUTR) came with a CD containing about 25 minutes of 32-line NBTV video. The files on this disc are according to the NBTVA club standard. They can be down loaded in .wav format from this website.

Then you can:
- use them directly from your computer,
- upload them to a .wav capable MP3 player,
- or record your own CD-R disc with them.

Divided over 17 tracks you get 26 min. and 24 sec. of 32-lines NBTV video signal (on the left audio channel), with sound (on the right audio channel). It is available in upright (tracks 1 - 19), as well as inverted polarity (19 - 37).

Click here to go to the download page.

Read here about how to use the .wav files directly from your computer or from a .wav capable MP3-player.

Read here how to record a CD-R with the .wav files. After recording in the proper way you have got a disc with 37 tracks and a total net playing duration of 52 min. 54 sec.

Read here about the differences between a CD-DA (Digital Audio) and a CD-ROM disc, and why only a CD-DA can be runned without sync loss of your televisor monitor while proceeding from track to track.